Friday, June 8, 2012

oh hey internet

You're still here.

I'm glad. Because we have been completely failing as bloggers lately. Completely.

But hey, life takes priority. And I'm pretty sure no one cried because of my lack of updates. And it's okay to blog as little and sporadically as we wish because it's our blog, after all. Okay, enough of my excuses. We're trying to be better bloggers again. Here's what we have been up to…

I (Jess) flew to California for a hectic but wonderful weekend of family time and mostly work.

I shot this wedding….

 With this hilarious bridal party…

And this awesome second photographer

And also shot an engagement session for this gorgeous couple…


And then I came home to lovely, warm, sunny Lancaster and our billion degree apartment that has no a/c unit. (We have since remedied that and I'm not baking as I edit any longer. Huzzah!) 

And I came home to my amazing husband who… guess what he did while I was away? It has to do with his secret identity. This will explain….

I didn't know I was married to Batman either.

In all seriousness through, it feels good to be back home. It also feels good to call Pennsylvania home and really mean it. I missed waking up to this every morning…