Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A bit about Lancaster

The church Rene will be working at is located in Lancaster County, PA. It's a gorgeous area about an hour and a half west of Philadelphia. There's a few urban areas and a ridiculous number of the quaintest, picturesque towns where people leave there doors unlocked during the day and actually get to know their neighbors. Though we're not sure what campus he'll be working with quite yet, everything is relatively close together. We're hoping to find a place in Lancaster City, which is a central point between the campuses and also just so happens to be home to the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design (but we'll save my excitement on that subject for another post). 

So we wanted to share a preview of where we're actually heading with you guys until we get there and can share our own photos.

Driving into the county, most everything looks like this... And it's gorgeous...

Then There's a little bit of this...

And  then all of the sudden, it looks like this...

We're excited to experience four real seasons (yee! snow!!) and excited to be city dwellers together. Excited to experience the amish country and tour some dairy farms. But mostly we're excited to be on an adventure together with lots of unknowns and plenty of opportunities to trust in Jesus. 

~ jess

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

the big news

We have News! BIG NEWS!

No. We're not pregnant.

(not yet at least...)

We're moving to Pennsylvania!... Seriously!
God has answered our prayers and provided an opportunity for me to serve at a church called LCBC (Lives Changed By Christ) as a worship leader! We got the news a few weeks ago but wanted to wait until everything was finalized before announcing it to the world (also known as the internet).

LCBC currently has three campuses and will be starting up two more next year. I'll be leading worship for one of the campuses. As of now, it isn't certain which one, but we'll keep you posted. I start in January, but we will be making the move soon after christmas. Meaning we will be home for the holidays (well, most of them) and we are pretty excited about that.

The main campus for LCBC is in Manheim Pennsylvania and we'll likely be living in Lancaster City (about 20 mins south of Manheim).

So there it is! We're extremely excited about everything God has in store for us through these major changes but are also going to cherish as much time as possible with those we love before we leave. We'll be posting news and updates as the transition continues. We also ask for your prayers as we embark on this journey together.

-- René