Monday, April 16, 2012

living faithfully

Have you ever read the stories of martyrs and soldiers, of those who have sacrificed their life for the good of others or the sake of the Gospel, and wondered if you would do the same? If in their shoes, would you make that choice, that same sacrifice?

Maybe it’s easy to say we would, from our comfortable lives that know no risk or danger. Or maybe we’re honest with ourselves, knowing full well that we would lack the courage needed. Or maybe we couldn’t answer that wonder at all.

But regardless of the answer, I would venture to say that we all hope to be there. We all want to believe that we would do the right thing. Put others before ourselves. Be the hero. Live courageously and faithfully.

It seems like the sort of thing we can only conjecture about, because most of us will never face the circumstances to test us in those ways. But I don’t think it is. I think that by claiming we’ll never face such a test, we miss out on a beautiful opportunity.

Living faithfully has very little to do with our circumstances, and absolutely everything to do with our hearts.

If our hearts our in a place of humility, selflessness, and faithfulness, our actions will follow. No matter the risk (or lack thereof).

In the words of Jesus, “He who is faithful in the little things is also faithful in the great things…” Luke 16:10

If we live faithfully right now, in the smallest aspects of our lives, we will respond faithfully should those big tests ever come. It starts with the small things though. The ones we can do right now. Today. That’s the beautiful opportunity.

For me… it means spending less time entertaining myself, and giving more of my time to people. It means staying up and listening to someone’s hurt when I’d rather go to sleep. It means keeping our home clean and beautiful so that we can open it to friends and strangers. It means putting our money where our hearts should be.

It means a lot of things that are sometimes difficult to do, but are infinitely worth doing because they shape our hearts to look more like the heart of Jesus: a heart that loves unconditionally.
What does practicing faithful living look like in your life? What are your “little things”?




Daisy said...

I love this post. Funny how God really emphasis a point when He wants you to do something. For me it is definitely time and getting up when I should instead of sleeping in. Thank you for the reminder :)

Brit said...

You seem to be at the same place in life as myself. For this, I appreciate your post. Honestly, the two little things are placing our personal resources & finances exactly where God has called us to (trusting that He will be faithful as we obey) and making the choice to listen to His voice about specific ways He has called us to serve. Also staying in pursuit of his heart instead of like you said, entertaining myself (love that). Thanks for the encouragement to know that there are other women feeling as I do.

SummerSoul said...

I love this. A ton. Today my little things were doing the dishes (twice...) and making dinner (which I never do but needed to today) and watching two little (boring) videos on Damascus and Aleppo for husband (and me too, I guess). My other little things were - not buying coffee or coke or chocolate when I really wanted to several times today because I knew I didn't need it and I need to save more money.