Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What we're reading | Kisses from Katie

This book made me cry. Sob, actually. Literally tears streaming down my face as Rene looked over at me across his schoolwork on the table with a sympathetic, questioning smile.

This book brought many of those moments to our home and local coffee shops in the two days it took me to read it. It also made me want to move to Uganda. Or Romania. Anywhere I can take care of babies and adopt twenty-some children and just love them and hold them and teach them about Jesus.

Because really, this is not a book about Katie Davis. It's not really about Uganda or her amazing story or her fourteen (yes, 14!) adopted daughters. This is a book about Jesus.

Katie, her ministry, her Ugandan family, her stories... they are all woven together and thoroughly drenched through with the rich, beautiful, incredible story of God's love and purpose for us. It's a genuine example of what walking with Jesus and loving others looks like.

Now, I realize that not many of us can quit our lives and move to a third world country. But we can all love people. We can exemplify the heart of Jesus to those around us. We can meet their needs. We can show mercy and pursue justice. Wherever you are. Right now.

That is what this book is about and what it will encourage you to do.

I would highly recommend reading it.

You can find more of Katie's writing on her blog and learn more about what she does in Uganda through Amazima Ministries.




Brit said...

so glad you posted this today. I literally just told my husband that I think I'm going to order, Kisses from Katie today. I've had a few friends read it & they truly enjoyed it. We just got back from Haiti last week & are brokenhearted about being back & missing loving on so many children. I know this book will continue to stir all of that up, which is good. can't wait to read it!

Daisy said...

I think I'm going to buy this book. I have heard a lot of great things about it. Thank you for sharing this.

Mary Rosanne said...

I'd love to read your copy when you come again. Can you bring it with you?
love, Mommy

Cara said...

Thank you SO MUCH for writing a review on this. I wasn't sure about it, as it came up on my recommendations at Goodreads, but now I'm sure. THANK YOU!

Kelly Maloney said...

First post I read is about Anne and the second you're talking about Jesus. Hi there, Kelly here, new reader as of this moment :)

Anonymous said...

just what the world needs another white savior who thinks she helps anyone by going into other communities and forces them to adjust to her cultural standards. Because their culture means nothing, apparently.

when will white people finally stop patting themselves on the shoulder for "helping poor people". If it wasn't for you they wouldn't need support to begin with.
The only help white people should offer is stop exploiting third world countries instead of going there and evangelize them, so the world fits into their tiny minds a bit better.

If you want to support people, support them by giving them the possibility and freedom to live according to their own beliefs and traditions. Support them them by empowering them and by listening, not by "saving" them.