Tuesday, November 29, 2011

the big news

We have News! BIG NEWS!

No. We're not pregnant.

(not yet at least...)

We're moving to Pennsylvania!... Seriously!
God has answered our prayers and provided an opportunity for me to serve at a church called LCBC (Lives Changed By Christ) as a worship leader! We got the news a few weeks ago but wanted to wait until everything was finalized before announcing it to the world (also known as the internet).

LCBC currently has three campuses and will be starting up two more next year. I'll be leading worship for one of the campuses. As of now, it isn't certain which one, but we'll keep you posted. I start in January, but we will be making the move soon after christmas. Meaning we will be home for the holidays (well, most of them) and we are pretty excited about that.

The main campus for LCBC is in Manheim Pennsylvania and we'll likely be living in Lancaster City (about 20 mins south of Manheim).

So there it is! We're extremely excited about everything God has in store for us through these major changes but are also going to cherish as much time as possible with those we love before we leave. We'll be posting news and updates as the transition continues. We also ask for your prayers as we embark on this journey together.

-- René


Chrisalen said...

I am so excited for you both! This is an incridible blessing for your family! Praise God! Please PLEASE let us know your new address once you have settled into the new nest. AND if you need help with anything for the move!

P.S. I love the blg idea!

Paul Atkinson said...

Rene and Jess...Whitney and I are so excited that you'll be joining the LCBC team. If we can do anything to help with things between now and January, please let us kno!

Kelly Maloney said...

Sooo...after commenting about an hour or so ago on your second most recent post, I realized that you are probably done blogging for good when I saw the date.

So I read the whole thing blog.

And starred about 4 or 5 posts to come back to.

You may never read this comment but I am one-half of a newly married couple and we just moved to Belgium about three months ago from the US. Our stay is semi-permanent, less than a year and a half but it still felt like the world was ending and then beginning every other moment.

I started a blog to keep myself sane and I'm a painter, a photographer, a follower and believer of Jesus, missing my family and friends from back home in NY so SO badly, and a brunette who wanted to either dye my hair platinum blonde or slash some bangs into it (and did neither, I'm a scaredy cat) after our wedding last September, traveled to Ecuador and wanted to bring each orphan home with me and finally, have a tattoo. ...we would be great friends.

The kind you see and know immediately it's kindred even though you're strangers. Whether you read this or not, I'm sending up some prayers for you and your husband and hoping that wherever you're living you're still loving it all, together. Email me anytime, hanlonrunner (at) yahoo (dot) com.

In Christ, Kelly