Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A bit about Lancaster

The church Rene will be working at is located in Lancaster County, PA. It's a gorgeous area about an hour and a half west of Philadelphia. There's a few urban areas and a ridiculous number of the quaintest, picturesque towns where people leave there doors unlocked during the day and actually get to know their neighbors. Though we're not sure what campus he'll be working with quite yet, everything is relatively close together. We're hoping to find a place in Lancaster City, which is a central point between the campuses and also just so happens to be home to the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design (but we'll save my excitement on that subject for another post). 

So we wanted to share a preview of where we're actually heading with you guys until we get there and can share our own photos.

Driving into the county, most everything looks like this... And it's gorgeous...

Then There's a little bit of this...

And  then all of the sudden, it looks like this...

We're excited to experience four real seasons (yee! snow!!) and excited to be city dwellers together. Excited to experience the amish country and tour some dairy farms. But mostly we're excited to be on an adventure together with lots of unknowns and plenty of opportunities to trust in Jesus. 

~ jess


Rori said...

Congratulations you two! Lancaster County is on my bucket list of one of the places I want to visit in my lifetime. You know, Amish and quilt stores just go hand in hand.

Paul and I remember fondly the early years of our marriage. The adventures, struggles, joys all wrapped up together to make our marriage stronger. It's incredible to look back and see the hand and blessings of the Lord.

Have a great time and go with God.
Rori Jensen

Jess said...

Thank you Rori! We are so excited to be doing this together!

And if you ever make it out to Lancaster maybe I'll be able to show you where the best quilting stores are :)

Anonymous said...

Hello and Welcome to Lancaster. We are LCBC family an we love our Church. If you need anything please reach out. Very excited to have you join our family.

Jim and Karen Andreadis