Thursday, February 16, 2012

Back to home from home

We spent this last weekend back in Monterey, CA for my first wedding of many to come between now and next fall. (I took the photo above during a little break in the reception... I fell in love all over again with those city lights along the bay under cloudy skies).

How strange it was to fly info SFO and try not to let it feel like arriving home after a long trip. Like Lancaster and LCBC and our beautiful old city and little kitty had all been a pleasant but lonely dream. I'e flown into that airport so many times. And every time, whether warm and welcoming or a little sad, it's meant coming home. always. Until now... Now we were just visiting and the word home is supposed to mean a cold place thousands of miles away that none of those dearest to me know much of.

And it was hard at first, to wake myself up to that. I think if I could have helped it I would have waited a bit longer before going back. Waited until Lancaster started to feel more like home. That takes time and we just haven't had much yet.

We had a wonderful time in CA. Seeing our families was so refreshing. And there were a couple friends I was seriously considering kidnapping and bringing back to PA with us. But all of it got me thinking about what "home" is supposed to mean. It's such a big, deep word for being so commonly used. It's never meant just your house, the place you live. It's where you keep what you love. Where Rene is and where my family and friends are. Where we're inspired and creative and challenged to live our best. That's been California for so much of our lives. That's a scary thing to change.

But relationships and life are what make home "home" after all. Those are things I think we tie to places when they probably shouldn't be. No matter where we are, our God is the same. He is the same God in Lancaster, PA as He is in Monterey, CA. He is faithful and loving and strong. None of those things have changed or ever will change with our location. He is the ultimate source of life and the ultimate relationship. And He is here. So... we are home. wherever that may be on a map.

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