Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be My Valentine

I love winter... but today was just dreary and so, so cold and without any snow at all to make up for it. I've been missing sunshine and green around me. I spent the day alternating between editing wedding photos and unpacking our bedroom. With a small intermission for vegan sugar cookie baking time. All the while with a fluffy pink nosed kitten at my heels. I love Atticus. He's such good company. Anyway... After all that dreariness and grey and a rather lonely day (unless you count the kitty), my husband decides to be awesome. 

First... the most-gorgeous-bouquet-I've-ever-seen flowers that smell amazing and remind of the wildflowers that grow along the coast back home. Plus a sweet card with the best note inside. (heart already melted). Then... a new pair of shoes that he bought me because... ready for it? I had bookmarked them on Pinterest. Talk about a winning combination. Throw in the kitten (which was already my "early Valentine's day" gift) and RenĂ© wins the husband-to-the-happiest-wife-in-the-world award. Hands down. 


Anonymous said...

Yes! He gets the award hands down! You are the cutest couple ever!
love, mom

Laura Hernandez said...

You are just so amazing with words. From reading this I totally imagined the setting, smell and could actually see you and Atticus at home even though we've never even been there. We miss you two SO much but having this blog makes us feel somewhat....there. Wish I could help you unpack, watch you edit and take a stroll to the newest coffee house that I've heard so much about. Love you guys. Hope you can feel this because I'm sending a hug.

Jess said...

I wish that too... and holding on to that happening some day somewhat soon. love you guys so much!