Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Mom,
Thank you for the new music and the hot chocolate and the box full of stuff that wouldn't fit in our suitcases. You're the best. Also, we miss you.

Dear Mama(in-law),
We found our first acceptable mexican restaurant/grocery store but are still homesick for your cooking. I wish you were here to help me with mine again. Also, we miss you.

Dear Atticus,
We're glad you enjoy sun bathing on our deck so much, but if you could please refrain from bringing inside your new collection of twigs and dirt immediately after I vacuum, we'd appreciate that.

Dear Landlords,
You are the most amazing landlords in the entire world and we are so blessed to be your tenants.

Thank you for being an amazing church with the heart of Christ for people. We love being here.

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for bringing us to Lancaster. Even when we're homesick and lonely at times, we know you've brought us here for a purpose. And we're excited for what's next.

And Dear friends,
Your love and support means the world to us, even from thousands of miles away. We miss you so much.



Daisy said...

These letters are so sweet! Glad you are loving your church :)

Emily Hope said...

Your blog is so cute. I absolutely love your header. I makes me swoon - just a little. Did you create this beautiful masterpiece yourself?

Jess said...

Thanks so much Emily! I'm glad it has that effect haha :) and yes I did. I'm mainly a photographer but have applied photoshop for fun with graphic design now and then.

Lauren said...

Just started following your blog. It's so cute! And I just checked out your wedding photos...they're gorgeous!! Can't wait to see more of what you have to share :)
Lauren @ lemon trees and bumble bees

Elsa said...

Thank you for your beautiful letter! I love you and miss you too! I am glad that you are able to get some good mexican food/groceries there. Pretty soon you are going to be even more happy when you see something arriving at your mail! Anytime Mija, :) you need my help I am there for you! Love you, Mama