Saturday, March 10, 2012

KONY | 2012

While on the subject,

Where do I stand on the Kony controversy? Well before I do that (if you don't already know), here's what really bothers me: The fact that if someone disagrees with the opposing side, they automatically view that person as the enemy. I mean seriously, I've seen some comments and words exchanged that would make people seem like they were writing them to Osama Bin Laden, or Saddam Hussain - but they're simply to a fellow American or Christian.

These words are lashed out in anger/hate. Names are being called. There's demeaning going on, mocking at, etc. I've seen it all over Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Youtube, etc. People are fighting - in a harsh way, about a fight over seas that some people care about, and others not so much. You know what I think? I think people are free to think however they'd like, and will continue to do so regardless of how convincing an argument.

The problem is you aren't going to argue someone into believing what you believe; it's very difficult to do, and usually leaves people feeling beaten up, rather than feeling like they've found truth. Think about it. If you want to convince or persuade someone of something, insults and offensive language aren't the way to do it. You will more likely turn someone off to your idea rather than get them to agree with you. The moment something hurtful has been said,  that person will go from a potential source of influence to becoming someone harmful.

Just like I'm not supposed to condemn a person for rejecting Christ - but to love them, I'm to do the same with someone who disagrees with me on any other matter: diet, organic foods, musical taste, immigration laws, etc.. Understand that I'm in no way implying that I succeed at doing this all the time. I know I struggle with loving those who disagree, but lines have definitely been crossed and I feel as though people have turned fellow Americans, or fellow Christians into a Kony they can attack through the internet & behind the protection of their computer screen.


Sarah said...

Very VERY well said =)

- Sarah

Sara K {SaigeWisdom} said...

I was reading some of the comments below the youtube video I happened to watch {I think there are many in circulation but all the same} and I couldn't believe how passionate and downright mean people were being. I'm glad you had the conviction to write what some of us have been feeling about the Kony debate. xo

Pandaundercover said...

Agreed! People treat everything like it's black or white, left or right, right or wrong. There's LOTS of grey area!