Saturday, March 17, 2012

happy reading

You've likely learned by now that we're fans of reading. Well, in honor of that fact, we're giving away a $15 Barnes & Noble gift card HERE

Laura invited us to participate in her crazy-over-the-top-awesome group giveaway. 18 bloggers joined up to create this giveaway & there are some very sweet prizes to be won. I'd highly recommend taking a look! Also, while you're there, let Laura know what you think of her new blog design! [I just created it for her last week & was very excited about it.]

Happy reading!


~ jess


the plaid sparrow said...

Aw! So neat, Jess!
I didn't know that you did blog designs.
I love it.
Which, I've also noticed a bit changes to your blog.
I really like it!
Happy Monday, friend!
much love.

Anonymous said...

I love the bookstore picture. So fantastic :)