Friday, March 23, 2012

here's your microphone

We've grown up in an age of social media. Where information is shared at a faster rate and higher volume than at any other point in human history. There is no longer a universal source or organization that provides us with education and information. We have become the information providers & the educators. 

For instance, say I need to learn how to cook something for a dinner party we're hosting. I have a few cookbooks that I love and try things from occasionally, but that's not where I turn for the information I need. Instead, I type into my browser of course. Then I find a blog written by a girl on the other side of the country and thanks to her, I know what I'm making for dinner and how to do it. With some personal tips and witty humor thrown in. Or if you're like my husband, & you need the chords to a song you haven't played before or advice on how to hack an iPhone, you google. you find a forum or blog where someone walks you through it. And you learn. Not from an institution or a textbook, but from another person just like you... 

So, dear friends with facebook and twitter and pinterest accounts and blogs where you share your life and thoughts, do you realize that you are teachers? That you are an influencer? That this thing called social media is your stage and your microphone? your platform. your voice. amplified.

Now, what would you like to say? 

That is the question I have been wrestling with this week. We have such a precious opportunity before us. We have audiences of strangers and friends who are literally reading our thoughts daily as we share them. Will we take this opportunity to inspire, educate, encourage, and challenge our peers and our successors? Or will we simply add to the noise?

By God's grace, I want to be doing those first things. always. 




Allison said...

Love this post. Thanks for the reminder about how important it is to make our words meaningful and encouraging as bloggers. I definitely think about that sometimes before I publish a post!

Becca Chavoya said...

I love this. Such truth. I really believe that people should use these social outlets for good. Our words have so much potential to affect those around us - might as well spread the positive!

the plaid sparrow said...

Ditto, my friend! ;)
much love.

Anonymous said...

I was just saying the other day that blogging has become the new form of journalism. No, it hasn't completely replaced it, but it allows for normal people (like you and me) with real opinions and values to be heard by those who want to listen.

It's really quite the phenomena.

Anonymous said...

p.s. I am lovin the fact you have a picture of Zooey

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